Look for the miraculous

I know I’ve been away for awhile.  The past couple of months, I have been devoting a lot of time to praying and fasting, digging in to work God was setting before me.  It seemed the more I wanted to find a job, the more work God put in front of me in His house.  I am leading prayer in two churches, supporting Sunday School promotions, and working on a summer outreach program for veterans.

My prayers have intensified over the past couple of months as we have built the ladies prayer groups, and I’ve seen a tremendous response to my prayers.   I went through a trial in my finances in January and was able to sustain those through my own efforts, but this month, God has allowed it to go to a new level.  I am as I speak, physically afflicted in my body and without any money until the middle of May.   I will have to spend the next few weeks relying solely on Him.

Because of my involvement in prayer, I have faced nearly continuous spiritual assault since the beginning of February through diverse temptations and now these trials.  But He is taking me to a new level to fight back with authority and I believe soon I will see powerful results.

Believe for the impossible, pray until something happens.   Have great faith, and watch what God will do.



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