A glorious marriage

During this week of prayer and fasting, I have been seeking God’s will for my desire to get remarried.   I deeply desire a relationship based in His love.   Last night, we began to sing “Falling in Love With Jesus” and as I began to worship, a peace swept over me.  God showed me not only that in Him, I have a relationship, but that He has a plan for my future, a glorious relationship based on Ephesians 5.

God is taking me one day at a time and I am in no rush.  I want things to be His perfect will.  In the meantime, my church is experiencing healings, prayers met,  and the landlord for a building we are looking at contacted my pastor.  Things are exploding dynamically.

God has been moving on my prayer life to a deeper walk with him.  My faith has been strengthened so much by all the things happening.  He is taking me to a level of intercessory prayer so that He can use me in it.    I look back at this past year and find it hard to fathom how far God has brought me, not only in restoring me but taking me a level in my life with Him that I never would’ve thought imaginable.

Pamela Parizo




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