We have to get hungry

God is doing amazing things at my home church of Apostolic Revival Center (ARC) of Carson City.  My pastor, Joel Buxton, just got back from Kenya and Ethiopia where he preached with his father.  They experienced the power of God there and he came back to preach to us with a vengeance.

The preaching last night was from 2 Kings 7 where 4 lepers, caught between the city and the enemy decided to go to the enemy because they were hungry.  They found that God had decimated the enemy and that there was much provision there, to end the terrible siege and famine within the city.  We have to get hungry for the things of God, for prayer, fastings, the Word, and most of all, the move of the Spirit within us. 

Next month, I will be taking the lead on ladies prayer within my church, and I have to gear up for that.  I have been called by God to intercessory prayer and God is building that in me.  He’s purging me for the great and mighty things He promised to me earlier this year.  I am trusting my future completely to Him.

Let God move mightily in your life, withholding nothing.  Watch God do great and mighty things, and build an improbable, impossible faith within you.


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