Random thoughts on marriage

Our society has become very unhinged, but one area in particular is male-female relationships.  Prior to the 1960s, marriage was the norm.  Most young people considered that they would marry once they got out of high school, or at the least, out of college.   In 1950, for example 78% of all households were married couples.  That’s astounding when we consider that less than half today are.

Marriage is God’s ideal for male-female relationships.  It honors women, and provides for them the protection of a husband.    Much of the sexual harassment of today is occurring because women have lost the protection of men and have instead become prey to the unscrupulous.   God has something better in mind, something beautiful.  It’s comparable to His relationship with His church.

If I could do anything to encourage young people today, it would be to get away from the way our society views male-female relationships, and seek after Godly ones.




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