Joy Haney books on consecration, prayer, miracles

I have been an avid reader of Joy Haney’s books for well approaching two decades and just want to point out three that have helped me considerably in my walk with God.  These are:

This book speaks to a higher level of consecration.  In the Old Testament, people, both men and women took a vow of consecration called the Nazarite vow.  The person would refrain from anything using grapes, including wine, they would not cut their hair, and they would not touch anything dead even a relative.  The point was to separate themselves for use by God.  The vow was sometimes temporary and sometimes for a lifetime.  Samson in the book of Judges was a Nazarite.  Although we now have a higher level of separation than they did in the Old Testament, we can still seek after consecration.  This book also emphasizes intercessory prayer.

This book discusses a methodology of prayer and gives a sound framework to build one’s prayer life.   I found this very helpful in promoting my own prayer life.

I am still in the process of reading this book, but it has some very good points on how to build your faith and actually believe that God is going to do what we are praying for.  Often we pray for things, but we don’t really expect to receive them because we let things bring in fear and doubts and we don’t have a clear vision of what it is we want.

As men and women of faith, we need more of a separation unto the things of God and to reach out for the power of His Spirit which can bring change to our lives.



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