The power of prayer

Whenever you try to do a work for God, Satan will stand up to resist you.  Yesterday, I was experiencing immense pain in my neck, so much that I had difficulty keeping my head up and had to lay down and prop it up.  I couldn’t move my neck hardly at all.  I recognized it for what it was–a spiritual attack–as I was due to assist with a Bible study this morning, and participate in our ongoing prayer chain.

I had reached out to the saints of my church as well as to those I know online and had people praying for me.  Even if you are a powerful praying person, occasionally you will need others to pray for you.  This morning I woke up with just a little pain in my neck.  I was able to go to the prayer and Bible study.

When we experience trials, opposition, hard things, God wants us to push through them with prayer.  We have to believe and have faith.  We are overcomers–as He overcame this world, so can we overcome.  So be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Prayer works!


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