A supernatural God

Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.–John 20:29

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus, and then later his disciples, pretty much blew the minds of people they encountered, from all walks of life, because they did things that were outside the realm of our rational thinking.  Raising the dead, healings through prayer, walking on water(!).    They lived in the realm of the miraculous.   Many of the people they encountered were powerful and wealthy people.  But what good is wealth if your child is dying or dead?  What good is having status, education, knowledge, if you have leprosy, or if people shun you through jealousy.

One of my favorite portions of scripture involves Paul and Silas who were in a prison in chains.  But they began to sing and praise God and it says there was a great earthquake that shook the foundation of the building and all the prisoners were broken out of their bondage and chains.    The jailer was despondent (because he was held accountable if any escaped) and was going to kill himself, but Paul stopped him, and the man encountered salvation.

Centuries later, we may think the miraculous is gone, that God cannot answer our needs, cannot provide for us, cannot heal us, cannot raise the dead, but the God of the Universe is more than just the Designer.  He is the same and never changes.  If you believe in Jesus Christ the way the scripture has said, you believe that He has all power in heaven and earth and is able to move in your life as much as He did back then.

I suffered from lifelong depression; Jesus healed my mind.  I have been healed in my physical body, in my emotions,  and I have seen that for others also.  I have seen people given jobs, positions, money, and other needs because of prayer.

If one only believes in a God of the rational, that person hasn’t met the God of the Bible.  Our God is supernatural.  He made the sun and the moon stand still for Joshua; He made the Red Sea part for Moses as well as plagues in Egypt.  He made fire come down from heaven.  One would have to throw out a good portion of the Bible to believe that prayers do not work, to believe that God only works within the realm of logic and reason.    I’m not saying it’s not good to prepare our lives, and do well.  I’m saying that those things are not where power comes from.  If you have the whole world and don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in your life, your life is in vain.

Paul the Apostle, born Saul of Tarsus, was a highly educated man, and a man with associations within his religious organization.  But these things were unprofitable to him.  He considered them the same as dung.  He said, For me to live is Christ, and for me to die is gain.   That’s because the only life that will last is what we have in Christ.


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