Pursue love

Recently I read something that quoted from 1 Corinthians and mentioned the line “Pursue love”.  This is an amplified meaning for 1 Corinthians 14:1–the KJV says “Follow charity” and it speaking of moderation in the use of spiritual gifts.  The article I was reading though used it in a different sense—or pursuing after God.

This really made me think about my relationship to God and what I am striving after.   Just as a woman seeks after a husband, and strives after his love, I want to strive for the love of Jesus.  He is our bridegroom.  This symbolism is implied throughout the New Testament.

We seek an intimate relationship with Him, to be able to get into that Holy of Holies, that secret place where we can know the presence of God and know His will for us.  In God’s presence, we find a right attitude about our problems.  We may not always find immediate answers; sometimes this comes through our conversations with Him.  But He brings us into a right way of thinking about them.   In HIs presence, we find unspeakable joy, peace and soundness of mind.

But we can’t be passive when it comes to loving Jesus.  We have to pursue His love.   We have to show Him our love for Him through obedience, through yielding to HIs Spirit, through keeping His commandments and loving each other.   We have to willfully pray, willfully praise Him, willfully read His word and willfully seek to spread His love to others (make new disciples).

David said, “my soul follows hard after thee.”  Psalms 63:8  I want to follow hard after Jesus,  chasing Him with my love.

1 John 3 teaches us that we love Him because He first loved us.  He proved His love for me on Calvary.  He proves His love through HIs mercy and grace.  He proves to me His love through the gift of His spirit, which brings hope.   I may never be worthy of all that love, but I can certainly respond by following hard after Him.  He is the love of my life, and I want to pursue Him!



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