Shout Now!

It’s amazing how God responds when we take the first steps toward him.  My pastor preached on Passion (for Jesus) and I’ve felt a new awakening of faith.   I have felt God tugging at me to enter into a new level of faith in Him.

Jesus saved me 22 years ago.  I was ready to commit suicide, deep in depression,  feeling hopeless, and He took me and healed my mind, gave me hope and a purpose for living.   Though I make mistakes, He is so forgiving and full of mercy.

I have been praying that God would take me to a new level in my relationship with Him, and I have felt Him calling me to a life of prayer.  I really want to be used in prayer.   I want to enter into that secret place where He dwells, where I can be in the holiest place with HIm.

In God’s presence is not only unlimited joy, but in His presence, things become clear and we have the boldness to ask for the things we have need of.   In His presence, is everything we need and want.


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