Becoming the woman God wants me to be

When Ye Pray


Being single is for the birds.  However, I do realize that God has me here for a purpose.  I am to serve God whether i am single or married, and for now, that is single.  I do hope to change that in the future.

As I have been praying for a husband, I also realize this is a time of developing who I am with God.  That means digging into prayer, worship, God’s word, and my use to Him as a witness of this glorious Gospel.   Over the next month, I intend to increase prayer and fasting in my life, to worshipping Him to the best I can, reading His word regularly and diligently, and looking for a door of opportunity to witness of this hope.

I’ve been reading various books to stimulate my prayer life.  Some I’ve read in the past that have been very helpful:  Verbal Bean’s Prayer, Praying Hyde, and I just finished reading When Ye Pray by Joy Haney.

This is an excellent book by the wife of the (now deceased) General Superintendent of the UPCI,  Kenneth Haney.  Sister Haney inspires one to have a greater faith for miracles, and for digging into prayer to enhance our relationship with God.  I recommend it highly.  I plan to re-read it at some point and have also ordered her book How To Receive a Miracle.


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