A Loving God

In the past couple of days in my reading, I ran into a very dark place.  A place where love is replaced with repression, a place where the beauty of God is replaced with darkness and bondage.   Yes, there are some very real wolves in this world who want to devour.

One knows evil exists, but it isn’t until you confront it that you either run to God or you allow it to devour you.  It’s like the Israelites standing in the valley of decision whether to fight Goliath or cower from him.  Here is the uncircumcised who says I’m bigger than your God.

Our God is a God of love, joy, peace.  Yes, there is wrath for the sinner, but even then until God says time is over, there is mercy if we run to Him, our Maker, the lover of our soul.   But there are people, who like in Romans chapter 1 would change the glory of our God into another image.  Men who would devour the helpless, the vulnerable and enslave them.   Men who prey upon women to bring them into bondage.   Seduce them.  Because they believe women are only redeemed through them.

Yes, Eve messed up, but God helps the woman.  Do you know that God said the woman’s seed–the woman’s seed–would crush the serpent’s head?  That’s Eve’s revenge.   In Revelation, the woman is given the wings of a great eagle to escape.  God loves women. There were many single women in Jesus’ ministry, some of even questionable reputation. But He saved them.  God brought women under men’s authority for their protection, not because they are inherently more evil than man.  Protect, not enslave.  Not abuse.

I’ve been studying marital submission, because I desire to be remarried and want a biblical marriage.   I was the leader of my family for close to 40 years.    It would be refreshing to have a man to lean on.  In that study, I’m come across people, groups that want to pervert that into something abnormal,  where men claiming to be Christian abuse their wives and further that there are wolves, real beasts, who think it’s ok to capture a woman and make her your wife, all in the name of God.

That isn’t God, and that definitely is not of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said by your fruits you shall know them—the fruits of the Spirit.  He said they shall know you are my disciples if you love one another.   Paul described what love is, and abuse is not love.  God chastens the sinner as a son but he loved and died for his Bride, the Church.  He nourishes and cherishes her.   No woman would want to serve a man who enslaved her—at least not willingly.   Women want a man they can trust to take care of them.  Just as Jesus does.



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