A glorious marriage

During this week of prayer and fasting, I have been seeking God’s will for my desire to get remarried.   I deeply desire a relationship based in His love.   Last night, we began to sing “Falling in Love With Jesus” and as I began to worship, a peace swept over me.  God showed me not only… Continue reading A glorious marriage

We have to get hungry

God is doing amazing things at my home church of Apostolic Revival Center (ARC) of Carson City.  My pastor, Joel Buxton, just got back from Kenya and Ethiopia where he preached with his father.  They experienced the power of God there and he came back to preach to us with a vengeance. The preaching last… Continue reading We have to get hungry

Just let it unfold

Back in the 90s when I first received the Holy Ghost, Brother Vaughn Morton of Fresno, California preached a sermon called “Just Let it Unfold”. It became famous within Pentecostal circles because of a poem and song by Brother Timothy Spell. The core of the sermon was that our lives are like roses. Man cannot… Continue reading Just let it unfold

Lord, Help Me Heal

I want to spotlight a book I’m reading by Apostolic counselor and writer, Lynda Allison Doty.  Lynda has had quite a background in emotionally traumatic experiences, which she explores in her book, Help Me Heal. In this book, Sister Doty outlines various types of trauma: addictions, abuse, mental strongholds that a person can experience, and… Continue reading Lord, Help Me Heal

Intimacy with God

Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we will ever know.  Jesus wants us to become one with Him, to be a part of His body, and to share ourselves with Him.   The Apostle Paul compares this relationship to a marriage (Ephesians 5) and uses it as a model for human marriage. It’s… Continue reading Intimacy with God